Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pattern Paradise!

I am currently taking an on-line class with Mary Ann Moss!  WOW!  It is awesome!
I made a few journals with hand-painted and collage papers BEFORE this class...BUT after the first day of class...I made about 10 more!!!!  The pattern idea is so much more exciting to look at then the fun papers just stripped!  I LOVE the way they turned out!
Sew...Go make one!

This is what my journals looked like...pre-class.  I still LOVE them...BUT...I've learned A LOT!

I still started by using LOTS of my collage and hand-painted pattern papers.
BUT...I used a pattern to sew all of the pieces instead of just strips!

Aren't they fabulous!  Thanks Mary Ann!
Expect miracles, laugh often, and always color outside the lines!

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