Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY - Calendar

Best Friend
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Mini Art Retreat!
My best friend came into town last weekend!  She just celebrated her 29th birthday AGAIN!
She LOVES calendars!  I mean really LOVES them!  I usually get her one for her birthday...or a fun book that takes the place of a calendar...because a calendar is way too boring for her!
My thought was...if we made one...she would REALLY LOVE it...and use it too! 
...for the whole year!
So, this is exactly what we set out to do!  My goal was that the calendar would be finished when she left on Sunday!
I wish we would have taken pictures of the process...but we were having too much fun painting, talking, laughing, "thrifting", eating jelly beans, laughing, get the picture!
Some pictures...just weren't important!
This is the process:
1.  Make a really cool cover!  This is one of the journal covers that I made in my patterning class with Mary Ann Moss.  You can find it here.
2.  Using a heavy weight watercolor paper, draw in your calendar.  The size of paper really is about preference.  We used 9 x 12 paper.  So, the book pages, when folded in half, are 9 x 6.
3.  Write in the months, days of the week, and paint it all up!
4.  Use a needle and some cool thread OR waxed linen to sew in the calendar pages.  We did not use waxed linen.  We simply used some colored embroidery floss (six strands).
Extra BONUS details:
But...not necessary!
Have your best friend paint you a little owl!

Buy some jellybeans...pour into a bowl...use the bag to make a neat little pocket!

Sew in an extra page of pockets using a page protector.  Now you can tuck in all kinds of goodies!
Don't forget to sew on a strap to keep all of your calendar secrets hidden inside!
I hope you get to have a friend visit you soon to create your very own treasures!
Thanks for stopping by!
Expect miracles, laugh often, and always color outside the lines!

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