Monday, July 29, 2013

Mail Art Monday!

Happy Monday!
I hope you receive something GREAT in the mail today!

When someone orders something from my Etsy account and I have to ship it, they always receive a beautiful little envelope with flowers and some doodles.  I LOVE to send an extra bit of art with every purchase.  One of my friends suggested that I sell some of my mail art.  So, I designed a few pieces for my Etsy shop.  Here is a little sneak peek:
These are the little journal cards.

Each one has either a painted fabric ruffle, ball fringe, or vintage the top
The back is blank...well sort of...this is what the back looks like.  All are painted to coordinate with the front of the card.
This one is one of my favorites!

Aren't those birds stinkin' cute?

Well, if you don't receive anything like this in the mail today...maybe you want to check out my Etsy store and send something to someone...these envelopes are perfect because you can easily tuck in a gift card, ephemera, a picture, or special tickets and you have an AMAZING gift!
Look for some Halloween and Christmas cards coming in the next month or so...
Expect miracles, laugh often, and always color outside the lines!

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