Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting Treasures Organzied

I just couldn't take a picture of my garage BEFORE the organizing! My mother and daughter would have been horrified!  So...just trust me when I tell you, it took ALL last week to get it together!
I built this shelf...and two others to get everything settled nicely into a "creative" spot!
These are all of my flea market/garage sale/dumpster-dive/side-of-the-street finds!
I take these unwanted and unloved treasures and make them new!  You will see several of these beauties come to life this summer!
I know...too much of a tease!  Be thankful this is the only picture I took!  There are "treasures" galore in this garage!  Just ask my mother...(hee hee)  She reminds me often that I have too much "junk"!  Although, I will tell you...I took her with me the other day to a sale...and she swiped an AWESOME "junky" desk out from under me!  I guess I'm going to have to watch her more closely!  ;-) 
Thanks for stopping by! 
Expect miracles, laugh often. and always color outside the lines!

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