Monday, January 27, 2014

Main Street Monday!

Happy Monday!
I don't take many pictures of myself these days!  However, my daughter requested that we have a "photo shoot"...just the two of us!  When your 13-year old daughter requests to take photos do it! 
Cass' best friend is a phenomenal photographer.  Here is a little sample of her art work!  Enjoy!

I managed to steal the camera...and take a few shots of the girls together!  Most of them...I cannot post because they are silly...when the two of them get never know what is going to happen!  I will treasure them and the memory of the day! 
BUT...I loved this one of the two of them! 

Life is like a vapor...if your child requests time with you...say yes...AND treasure every second!
Thanks for stopping by!
Expect miracles, laugh often, and always color outside the lines!


  1. Beautiful photographs Lara. Annette x

  2. nice photographs indeed!
    please turn off capta verification !

  3. Great photos! I like your at the cross posts too, very nice! Can't wait to see what else you do for the 29 faces in February challenge!

    1. Thank you Kristen! I am going to post on Friday! I already have several ideas that I post throughout the week. I place a daily picture on Instagram, and I will post "29 Faces Friday" for the week in review!