Thursday, January 3, 2013

Making Something from Scraps

Yesterday I was rummaging through my wood scraps, looking for a small piece of wood to mount my new business stamp on...when I found this:

So...I got side-tracked from mounting my stamp...and started painting these beauties.
Look what a fresh coat of paint and a little love can do for an old, thrown out piece of wood.
I've felt this way.  Old, thrown out, and not worth much.  We all have times like this.  BUT...this is a New Year.  There are 363 days left in 2013, to LIVE, PLAY, RENEW, and find beauty in your ashes.  So...if you are feeling like this old piece of wood...there is hope!
I was just reading today in John 16, Jesus said, "in this world you will have trouble.  But, take heart, I have over come the world!"
This is amazing news!  I love that I don't have to stay stuck.  I can be repainted, refreshed and re-purposed each day into something beautiful.  So...what else did I do to these pieces?  Take a look:
I added a new set of clothes...ok beautiful paper! This is where my daughter wanted them to stay.  She is a very good artist...but she always likes to paint inside the lines...her mother does NOT!  Remember...the messier...the better!  So...I painted them a little more:
Yep!  That's more like it!  My daughter was appalled.  I told her to just look at them for awhile...they would grow on her.  She said, "Mom, everyone has there own style.  You should probably make several kinds...not everyone will like them all messed up!" 
Ohhhh!  The beauty of an honest child!
So...I took a break from painting...and created a few embellishments:
And...that's it for today!  Check back later this see how these old, thrown out pieces of wood look when they are rescued, reused, and re-purposed with love!
Ohhhh! The suspense of a finished project!

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