Friday, February 7, 2014

#29 Faces - February (Week 1)

Face 1 - a sketch in my face journal.
Face 2 - another sketch in my face journal.
Day 3 - Another sketch.  I'm feeling a bit more confident. You can see my lines are getting a little darker.  I'm still nervous to use anything besides a pencil at this point!
Day 4 - We had a snow day!  I decided to just go for it!  I tried collage...for the first time.  I like the way she turned out, however, I will do a few things differently next time!
Day 5 - Another snow day!  I got REALLY brave!  I actually painted this in my art journal.  It was VERY out of the box for me!  I learned A LOT...about spacing and drawing a rough sketch...before painting...I'm learning to blend...BUT I need a lot more practice. 
Day 6 - Back to a sketch today!
Day 7 - My first attempt at a Teesha Moore style collage!  This piece is named after my daughter's best friend!
Well...there you have it!  7 of my 29 faces!  I tried a lot of new techniques this week and I am feeling more confident in my it has been a productive week in the studio!
Thanks for stopping by!
Expect miracles, laugh often, and always color outside the lines!


  1. I am new to all of this and I love your stuff! I had not heard of Teesh Moore...and even if I don't finish 29 faces I will definitely be trying her style. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Jen! Teesha has a lot of GREAT ideas for art journaling. It has been a wonderful experience for me...I'm often times too much of a perfectionist...and pages don't get finished! Good luck on all of your art adventures!

  2. I love teeshas mermaids and love what you have done here, some fab faces!